My tiger brother is very popular webtoon in Korea

It is strange to discuss interesting works. Because in front of a really fun piece, we forget why it is so fun. It's just falling out. I'm going to talk about 늑대닷컴, who has been completely absorbed. I felt overwhelmed from the first episode.


First of all, the main character is really beautiful. Deep blue eyes on a handsome face. Slippery lower body on the upper body. Rare cartoon characters are so rare. To compare, is it enough to combine Seo Tae-woong and Kang Baek-ho of Slam Dunk? It is also at the level of the last volume at which the drawing culminated. As such, the appearance of Brother Tiger's current protagonist ‘Sangun’ is absolute. Even if it is a tiger, not a person.


It wasn't just beautiful. Tiger's brother is full of exciting and exotic actions unfolded by the existence of Hyung-hyung. What movements can be seen in the fight between beasts? What if animals and humans were fighting? Brother Tiger meets this curiosity face to face.


The confrontation between a four-footed beast, whose teeth and front paws are the main weapon, and a massive trend, create tensions that are completely different from the battles between people. Here, a unique setting borrowed from various narratives shines. Characters who move freely between human and beast forms have their own unique fighting methods, and the complex and colorful battles they show cannot easily predict the victory or defeat.


Tiger's fun lies in the unpredictable development. In fact, action cartoons have aspects that depend on typical formulas. Anyone who has seen any of these cartoons can guess roughly how each battle will end. However, the battle of Brother Tiger is established in a way that betrays this typicality. Fights that are likely to end easily are overturned by unexpected variables, and the overturned fights are overcome again in new ways.


Inversion is like an intense spice. If used properly, it will give an unexpected taste, but if excessive, it will not taste at all. In order for the antiwar to play its part, it needs a story that can be sympathetic. The mountain army has a position of the mountain army. But there is also a belief in Tsui, who faces him. There is a reason for Muker's revenge and the mission of the blue wolf Bertenge.


Even the white eyebrows, the core villain of the work, has its own legitimacy. When different positions are convinced, their struggle is not just a fight, but a more epic tragedy. What is surprising is that Brother Tiger's plot is only in its infancy.


Countless brothers who continue to fight fiercely with heavy reverberations. What story did the older brothers who had revealed and the older brothers who had disappeared and the ones who had not yet appeared, and what fate they faced? I am satisfied with what I have seen so far, but I am looking forward to it later.