Yi Sun-sin is very perfect General in Korea

As you studied General Admiral Yi Sun-sin, did you become interested in Korea and derived from Korean social issues?

In 2014, there was a crisis that had to be stopped because production costs were almost the same. At that time, I was able to continue with crowdfunding. At the time, Korean people were very impressed by their support. At the same time, he signed a publishing contract with Seoul Culture History. Then I decided to give back what I received. I was thinking about what to do and thought I should help people. This is more important than making money. I hope people get courage. If you sell a lot of books, you will earn money, but through donations and good things, my soul will be enriched.


I heard that Koreans accounted for a third during crowdfunding. Was the rest of the foreigners primarily Asian Americans? I was asking about the reaction of foreigners with different cultures.

When I first started crowdfunding in the United States, it wasn't very good. Too many producers have already started funding. I started very late. If I hadn't helped in Korea, I wouldn't have been able to fill the target amount. It has become a big driving force by retweeting 5,000 in Korea. I don't want to accept that Korean support was so popular that it wasn't popular in the United States or around the world. He went to 40 American comic conventions and sold 45,000 copies. It was sold without a publisher or distributor. This part should be properly evaluated.


Have you been interested in great war since childhood? After watching the drama immortal 

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in 2005, I heard that he was interested in General Yi Sun-shin.

Originally, I was interested in Korean culture. When I was young, I learned Taekwondo. It was fun, so I practiced every day. Taekwondo quit when I was in college. It seems that interest in Korean culture began from that time. Then, as I watched the drama immortal Yi Sun-shin, the interest that I had in the past rose again. The immortal Yi Sun-shin was so good. I was greatly inspired. After seeing it, I was afraid I could make a better work than this. However, the immortal Yi Sun-sin has more than 100 trilogy. There was a long and difficult part for Americans to see. Then I thought I could make my own comic book. You can make a comic book that is more concise than TV and never loses fun.


Looking at the manga, the color was impressive. There are also colors that are both exotic and familiar to Korea.

From the beginning, everything was planned as planned. All pages were organized with plans and intentions, and targeted at sensitive readers. So that you can appreciate the picture without reading the text. I want people to see this book from a different perspective. I want you to approach it like watching a movie. And at the end, I put in an interview explaining the characters and introducing the creators. I thought I would be impressed.